Friday, February 19, 2010

Update by proxy

So I couldn't go to the track today because of stoopid work. The things I do to provide for my racing habit...
However, I have been keeping abreast of developments. Below are the highlights:
  • Reportedly Brian et al were already performing an engine swap when the TetanusNeon team arrived at the track. Needless to say, Property Devaluation Racing is off to a lusterous start. Joe already looks like he's gonna blow a gasket.
  • Our paddock spot rocks! It's right at the track entrance and we have awesome neighbors. To one side, the always amusing Property Devaluation guys. Other side, Los Cucaroches. These guys are amusing; they actually persuaded my friend Laura to dress up in boots, a miniskirt and massive black eyeliner. That, my friend, is a sign of the apocalypse. We're also only two spots from the team that brought us the wonderful Shabbat Shalom M*****F******s T-shirts. Whoohoo!
  • We passed tech! Zero penalty laps! Victory is mine!
  • Finally, finally Nick downgraded us to class 2. Our car is hopelessly crappy.
  • Our car is so crappy that even when we try to improve it with spiffy new tires, it creates problems. Apparently, every time we turn left, our right front tire rubs like a mother. Oops. Andy has some spacers he bought for his daily driver that we're going to try. That and Chris deployed the BFH to create more room. What would we do without big f&$kin' hammers?
  • We've been awarded the honor of the PillarCam for a second race in a row. So flattering!
That's all for test and tune day. And I apologize for any formatting funkiness - I'm emailing this post from work because our stoopid firewall won't even let me see the blog. Grr!
Race tomorrow! Think dry thoughts!

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