Sunday, February 14, 2010

Much Progress! Many pics!

Last race, we were 'sponsored' by St. Arnolds. That is - we had an agreement with them that they wouldn't sue us for using their promo materials. We had hopes for a keg of beer, or at least some acknowledgment, but had no such luck. Therefore, we've decided on a new sponsor: Generic Beer. You remember Generic Beer - white can, black lettering IN ALL CAPS and a crappy, alcoholic beery middle. Who else besides Generic Beer would truly sponsor TetanusNeon? We have that answer: no one.

(Aside: Sometimes, just for shits and giggles, the Generic Beer would come in a yellow can for reasons unknown.)

To remind you of the starting product, here it is:

Andy, seen here, knows exactly what to do... but in his Yoda-like trance, wasn't sharing.

Chris has confidence that rollers are the solution. Many are skeptical, but we're also lazy. So his plan carries the day. Watch out, y'all, it's time for roller derby!

Mike has much more practical problems on his mind - like the new rule requiring a rear tow hook. Given the amount of rust on the Tetanus, we were all a little skeptical. Including Mike.

When choosing a paint, it's important to keep context in mind. When racing in a series that respects the rules, boundaries, and lines as much as possible, I feel that Rustoluem Traffic Striping Paint is the correct choice. That way, our team is always inside the lines. It's all the rest of y'all that are out!

I am diligent in the application of my belief.

Chris looks like he's hiding something. He is!

Our new Falken Azenis! Our car actually looks like a race car! Before it looked like Cousin Bob's cast off, beat-to-shit daily driver and now it's a work of art! Uhh... maybe. Or maybe not.

But seriously, I do find beauty in the details. When the old meets the new...

when instruments actually work...

or when things actually look like they're supposed to be there. For some reason, I love the new tow hook. The fact that it will help us pass tech is also not inconsequential.

Many good things happened yesterday. Hopefully, many good things will happen today.

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