Sunday, February 28, 2010

Greetings, Jalops

We've been mentioned and linked to in the piece about the flipping Escort at last weekend's Gator-O-Rama, so I just wanted to say hello and welcome to the Jalopnik readers & commentariat.

Here's the short version: we are a bunch of long-time friends & gearheads in Houston who had read of Lemons when Car & Driver went to Altamont, so when the first Texas race was announced we found an old Neon and dove in. Suffice it to say we loved it-- I've done six races now in three cars, and that original Neon has been in four races. Please hit the navigation tree on the right to look through the archives or even start at the beginning; I went back and did some re-reading and was amused at what we first went racing with.

Thinking of entering the 24 Hours of Lemons yourself? Do it. Find yourself a beater and dive in. Everyone started without a clue, and I will admit that although we may be more organized now, and placed (a little) better in our latest race, the greatest sense of accomplishment was from nursing our little rusty neon racecar through our very first race.

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