Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Humble beginnings

Here's a shot of the exhumation. Um, I mean, here's the joyous day we found our racecar-to-be.
Juan christened it with a bottle of faux champagne that had been left at his home by a party-goer, and we pronounced the project underway.


OK, what's the plan again?

Well, there's an entertaining race idea known as the 24 Hours of LeMons. Teams assemble race cars from beaters, with a budget (excluding tires & safety equipment) of only $500.

Sounds dangerous.

No, sounds like fun. The safety equipment will include a roll cage. Some of the gang to track days and used to race, but the rest of us always had something else that took priority... and once they announced a Texas race for this year's LeMons schedule we were out of excuses.

Visiting a junkyard produced a $100 Dodge Neon with a 5-speed, lots of weeds, and some small wildlife. Let the gruntwork and comedy begin.