Monday, August 25, 2008

Overdue updates

Long overdue updates about the Tetanus Neon.
  • The race organizers have accepted our entry, so the pressure ratchets up. No excuses now. Work pace immediately changed from "show up if you can once a week" to "everyone gather at Andy's as much as possible."
  • Location change for the effort-- we've finally relocated the car from the workshop near the junkyard, over to Andy's place. Unfortunately a few rats came along for the relocation and have since disappeared into the depths of the garage. :(
  • I was away from town this past weekend, but apparently they made much progress -- the car is starting and running well now, and a majority of the remaining interior bits have been removed. Gutros and Cleetus dove right in and are official pit-crew, and Kevin (nickname pending) earned his SNAFU Racing novice card by joining in on the havoc.
  • Finally, Cleetus has bestowed another name upon the car: Lockjaw. We must investigate if the grill can be made to resemble clenched teeth.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

An explanation of sorts

Work on the Neon has actually been progressing in fits and starts for several months, but we've never documented any of it online. Here are two pictures from the early days. First, here's a shot of it in its entirety, being towed to a workspace with Andy at the wheel.

Shortly after, the team sat down to discuss the paint job. It's bad. Quite bad. There were some interesting shapes of rusty spots on the roof and trunk, though, and Juan suggested keeping them. That comment, combined with the insight that paint costs money but rust is free, led to the "tetanus neon" theme-- we've pulled the paint off the roof, hood, and trunk, and allowed that metal to rust. Looks pretty good now. Well, good for rusty metal.