Monday, August 25, 2008

Overdue updates

Long overdue updates about the Tetanus Neon.
  • The race organizers have accepted our entry, so the pressure ratchets up. No excuses now. Work pace immediately changed from "show up if you can once a week" to "everyone gather at Andy's as much as possible."
  • Location change for the effort-- we've finally relocated the car from the workshop near the junkyard, over to Andy's place. Unfortunately a few rats came along for the relocation and have since disappeared into the depths of the garage. :(
  • I was away from town this past weekend, but apparently they made much progress -- the car is starting and running well now, and a majority of the remaining interior bits have been removed. Gutros and Cleetus dove right in and are official pit-crew, and Kevin (nickname pending) earned his SNAFU Racing novice card by joining in on the havoc.
  • Finally, Cleetus has bestowed another name upon the car: Lockjaw. We must investigate if the grill can be made to resemble clenched teeth.

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