Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last chance for change - Gator-O-Rama in 3 days!

When we last left you, we had a tow hitch and a tach and a kinda-sorta-maybe white car. There has been progress. Behold! Beermountain!

For those not familiar with Beermountain, they are a crazy group of Brits dedicated to experiencing the real 24h of Le Mans. These are the nutters we hope to play/drink/spectate with this June, when we make a trek to the French mecca of racing, La Sarthe.

So naturally, I'm trying to suck up by putting gratuitous Beermountain stickers on the crapheap. Will my brown nosing be successful? Who knows! Ask me in July.

Back to the 24 Hours of Lemons. What happens when the truly untalented are confronted with lettering needs? Stencils! What happens when many stencils are needed? A huge pile of trash!

Oddly enough, my adventures in stenciling were a success. TetanusNeon, Generic Beer Edition actually looks pretty respectable. Or at least it does now, before our grimy hand prints start accumulating... Most of the team argues that this edition of the TetanusNeon is the niftiest. I don't disagree.

Generic Beer: the best TetanusNeon theme ever

We did attempt to be practical. Ya know, follow the rules of the 24 Hours of Lemons. Harness adjustment to keep us safe:

Clearly marked tow straps, as per 24 Hours of Lemons rule 3.30 below:

3.30: Tow-Strap Locations: Please identify (or add) good, strong, clearly marked tow-strap locations to your car front and rear. The faster we can get you hooked up, the faster you can get back on the track. (The word "TOW" with an arrow is acceptable marking.)

And we knocked off most of our to do list. See? Progress!

The rusty Neon has a great team this race, and I can't wait until Saturday. Don't forget to heckle the husband - he turns 39 on Saturday. We'll have cake and beer. Come on by!

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