Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have an announcement!

Not only will we be racing in ten days, not only is it pissing wet out side, not only are we not ready at all, we have also just committed to racing May 1-2 in Louisiana. The following is our mission statement:

We've shaken up the team lineup but still drive the same Fiat Neon bucket-o-rust. Does it run? Sure. Does it run well? Sure! But only if you define 'well' as better than the awful MargaritaNeon. (May she rest in peace.)

Last year at Laissez les Crapheaps Roulez, we created a new and interesting color for motor oil. We've earned millions from this startling development thanks to Martha Stewart and that guy who buys for the Tata Nano. This year, we aim to create such pandemonium even the Cajuns will be impressed! Who knows? With enough beer, rusty racing stripes, motor oil, blood and crawdads we might even find the solution to world peace!

Nah. But it sure sounds fun to try.

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