Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brief Update

The 24 Hours Gator-O-Rama is officially done. A complete photo-rific update will be made, but I thought I'd get a brief update out first:

- I managed to capture one of the epic crashes of Saturday on my Flip. Murilee from Jalopnik has the footage and will edit it to make it maximally awesome. Since he's much better at such things than I, I will post the link once it's available.

- The nudists were there, the cajuns were not. The food was still awesome.

- It rained. "Slick" barely describes the track surface.

- The judges gave us our first Bart Simpson. And then I earned a "Your Driving Stinks" penalty by passing under yellow. Yes, I am a crappy driver.

- Troy won an award. Those who don't peruse the 24h of Lemons forums won't quite understand why that's awesome.

But most importantly... The TetanusNeon Generic Beer Edition placed 23rd!!! Houston Gator-O-Rama fielded 128 entrants, and we placed within the top fifth. Go team!

More pics and vids and interesting things later.

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