Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wayback Machine 6: mid February

Ah, the weekend of Valentine's Day... when one is supposed to overspend on flowers, restaurants, and greeting cards... Nay, let us examine true love. True love is Mike's wife giving him leave to come over and get grimy on the race car for a few hours before their Valentine dinner.

True love is my beloved Dr. Wife deciding that the car needed to look a little racier, and resolving that issue by using the remainder of our $6 inventory of rattle cans to make a big ol' racing stripe down the side of the car. P.J. chipped in on that endeavor too by doing some nice tape work to preserve our "got vaccine?" tagline.

True love is Andy's wife dealing with all of us and all of the paint fumes to boot.

How do we follow up all that love on Sunday? By working on the Margarita Neon, of course. I captured Duy here rigging up some tequila bottles on the package shelf, just as an entertaining side project while relocating the car's battery.

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