Monday, February 23, 2009

Wayback Machine 3: early February part I

As we've mentioned before, Lockjaw spent years -- almost a decade-- sitting. During one of our mishaps in October, we saw the inside of one of the CV boots and were... um... disgusted. Grease isn't so pleasant to deal with once it's rusty brown, smelly, and not nearly as good at lubricating stuff.

Therefore, manual re-packing of a CV bootour cheap-ass solution: the leftovers from a tube of grease and manual labor. Doctawife got good & filthy on it with us so perhaps we can call this an educational event. We yanked both drive axles on the Tetanus Neon and popped off the retaining clips on the CV boots. Then some unpleasant grease-digging ensued, we squished as much leftover grease in there as possible, and sealed it all back up. We also hope a bit of duct tape over the entire boot may help keep the decade-old rubber of the boot intact.

I certainly wouldn't ever do this to my everyday car, but for a race car intended for the beater-est of beater events, it'll have to do. (Anyway, we don't have the budget to do otherwise.)

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