Monday, February 23, 2009

Wayback Machine 2: late January

If you're considering doing a LeMons team, be warned that people issues do happen. Just because the 24 Hours of LeMons cars are restricted to $500 or less doesn't mean that preparing for an endurance race for them is a minor endeavor, just cheaper. Endurance races require big teams and a lot of time. Two teams means at least eight people (more in our case), and re-prepping one car and building a new one means lots of time. Time + people = change.

Cleetus dropped out because he was supposed to
warning: ski slopes may be dangerous to hopeful race drivers. have to work on LeMons weekend. We recruited another driver. Mary (Dr. Wife) got herself all geared up and pitched in on wrench duties on both cars, then tore her anterior cruciate ligament during our late-January ski trip (pictured). After the entry deadline had passed, Cleetus' workplace changed their minds and he figured out that he could indeed have raced (doh!). We've moved Ramon from one team to the other. Andy was all set to be a driver on the Margarita car, then self-demoted to Tetanus Neon pit crew, then I convinced him to be a driver on Lockjaw after all. Mary's knee rehab was going poorly so she had to cancel doing a high-performance driver's education event and we found a replacement driver. Mike was able to fit in a HPDE, though he had to skip a car-work day to do so. Now Mary's knee is doing a little better so hopefully she'll be able to do some racing after all.

Anyway, we're still having fun, and still have fully staffed teams... but all I'm saying to future LeMons teams is be prepared for change. I think I'll just keep the October roster on a chalkboard until about a month before the race.

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