Thursday, February 26, 2009

Margarita Neon progress

Last Sunday was another day of work on the Margarita Neon. Mike (our friend who actually has skill as a welder) did an amazing job on the roll cage for it. We were able to get it into Juan's father's shop and put it on the lift, which made a lot of things go faster. Chuck commented that at times the crew looked like a swarm of ants with so much activity at all corners of the car.

I hope the handling turns out OK... Juan picked up a cheap set of struts for the back of the car, but the front suspension now involves repurposed Honda parts from a junkyard... totally in the spirit of LeMons but I doubt Chrysler Corp. engineers would approve.

The muffler (since some minimal measure of sound control is required) is also recycled from a Honda, but again I don't think the original designers would claim it.

Sure, OSHA wouldn't necessarily approve of Duy's working environment, but wiring must go on!

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