Monday, March 2, 2009

Final standings

So, the official LeMons website links to MSR for the final results. Gotta say, it's a little confuzzling. The MSR website lists the SCHWING team as winners - we know that's not right. The Formula M for Mullet clearly won (the proof is in the nickles)... but the team is listed in tenth. So when the website lists us in the 37th position, instead of around 27 or 29, I have my doubts.

I say we placed in the top third.

I say we rocked the house.

I say I bashed crap out of Lockjaw - accidently, I swear. I came down the front straight waaaaay too hot for my skill level, braked waaaaay too late and just creamed the traffic around me. I was quite lucky to be in traffic - thinking about how and where I hit (driver rear rather lightly followed by passenger front HARD) the collision probably saved me from spinning out. So yay for traffic! And yay to the distracted judges who somehow managed to miss my mishap - I didn't get black flagged. Trust me, people, I would have deserved it. But karma came back to get us, and we got flagged later in the race for an infraction what was purely fictional. So it all came out in the wash, I guess.

I have a lot of work to do before the next race. I'm slow, and I'm not nearly skilled enough to be throwing myself around MSR at speed, in traffic. Provided that the knee holds, I have ass loads of training to do. Hopefully, we'll even find an autocross that will let us use our crap heap for rallying. Woot!


Chris said...

MSRHouston still has a link to October's results, when we did come in 37th. If true to the timing of last year it'll be a few weeks before that's updated. -CPC

doctawife said...

Well, I can't help it if the LeMons website links to the wrong page, now can I?