Monday, March 2, 2009

Actual final standings (maybe)

I found the timing results at for Gator-O-Rama. We did indeed get Lockjaw into 27th place. Mike was our hot shoe this time with our fastest lap, 1:21.07, and we obviously were more reliable than last year since we covered only 62 fewer laps than the race winners. Yep, our little rusty neon race car covered 380 laps this weekend -- almost 500 miles!

Despite all the time necessary to work heroic repairs on Margarita Neon, those drivers were able to crank out 111 laps. I don't know who did their fastest lap, but he used that extra 25ish horsepower the DOHC car has vs. the SOHC in Tetanus to get an even faster best time of 1:20.456. That's amazing for a car that didn't even get purchased until late November or December. (For comparison, we had Lockjaw for almost 8 months before LeMons TX '08.)

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