Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Preliminary results

The event results aren't up yet on the official 24 Hours of LeMons site, but here's provisional timing info from the event. We finished in 37th -- right at the midpoint of the field, but sadly not in the top half of those still running at the end. Amazingly the fastest lap we had was just before the end, when Juan had no brakes to speak of.


Ray Ayala said...

Hey guys. Loved the theme of your Neon. That's what most of them look like up here in Michigan :)

I was with the Chia Neon. In the future, you guys can feel free to come and ask us for any parts or whatnot you might need.


Chris said...

Thanks, Ray. We enjoyed meeting you and the other teams and had a great time. We're already looking for a 2nd neon to make ourselves a multi-car team. Hope to see you at other Lemons events.