Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last Weekend Before LeMons!

With slightly less than a week to go before the race, we have definitely been feeling the time crunch! Here are some photos of all of the werk we've been able to accomplish since the last post...

Andy and Rob worked on replacing the front disc brakes. The new ones are shiny and pretty!

Duy's excellent craftsmanship is evident when you look at the ignition switch and push-button starter. No more using a screwdriver to start the car!

Chris did a great job with the artwork on the side of the car. Mike came over and got a good start on the welding. The cage will be finished by the 14th!

Rob put in many laborious hours working on the custom lettering for the car. The naughty nurse is a nice touch, definitely in keeping with the theme of "Tetanus Neon".

Andy demonstrating that his beer drinking skills are just as finely honed as his Lockjaw-werking skills. Rob is just sitting in the car looking pretty.

All in all, things have come together nicely, despite some big delays. More to come before taking the car to the track...

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