Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Post-hurricane racecar work

The transformation of the rusty junkyard neon into Lockjaw the LeMons racecar continues! Rust and tetanus have rarely moved this quickly.

Although there were no injuries to team members or crew, hurricane Ike was extremely disruptive, and all work halted for one weekend while Chuck got married. We've resumed work and are trying to finish up the remaining tasks with the race less than two weeks away.

Work of late: brakes, removal of yet more interior bits, starter-button installation, and beginning steps of the roll-cage installation.
Andy revamps the brakes on Tetanus NeonDuy rewires the ignition on Lockjaw
really, that bit of dash is so unnecessary - dremel it!

racecar rollbar installation in progress
Oh, and other bits of customization like a cold-air intake (repurposed from an exhaust tip that would've been thrown away) and hood pins. We are indeed silly people.
exhaust parts recycled as a hood scoop for air intake

After reading a few articles about the "judging" process at LeMons at jalopnik and motive, it's clear we may be in the minority as non-cheaters -- Andy totaled up our receipts and found we are under budget! I suppose it's a moot point since none of us had the time, neon knowledge, or budget to try to get crafty.

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