Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We're confirmed for the repeat

The email has arrived:LeMons Gator-O-Rama: YOU'RE IN!

The organizers set the residual "value" of Lockjaw at $290 after the October race. About $25 of the $210 we can spend on repairs will be used for replacing the alternator belt and grease to repack every CV joint. I suppose we may also attempt to fix the speedometer (maybe). I really want to find an anti-roll bar for the car, but sourcing one cheaply enough hasn't panned out yet. Junkyard prowling may fill an afternoon soon -- aftermarket sway bars are well out of our budget. If you know of a dirt-cheap source for a '95 neon sport sway bar, please leave a comment.

Even if I was inclined to bend the rules and get spendy on a sway bar for Lockjaw, I won't. Funds are needed more for the second car preparation. Although Junior hasn't confirmed it with me, I see the team name for the second car in the entry list so I believe that we're now officially a two-car operation! That car still needs a roll cage and other safety equipment installed so things will get interesting again quickly.


Marin Racing said...

Well i am a former Lemon driver my self and met you guys (and Gal) tonight. We also will be back in Feb to run, and i cant wait to see you all there.

Marin Racing said...

Sway bar...
find something close and make it work.. Its what i did..
all the pics we have of the event.

sway bar...