Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's like a virus

Today I discovered that LeMons, like the common cold, is viral. Just like a virus, the urge to compete in LeMons is contageous. A colleague's husband is racing a Firebird (with a Camero front end, natch) this February. !!! I thought I was the only crazy doctor in Houston, but apparently I'm wrong. Okay, okay. Technically, the doctor isn't the one racing, it's the husband, but still. She is letting this heap of crapitude sit in her driveway without complaint.

And you should see this beast of a lemon. The fender is held on by rivets. The orginal wheels were HUGE in the back and tiny in the front. It lacks a hood. The body has at least three different paint colors visible, and I think I spotted some Bondo. It cost $450. They claim that they've sold $300 in parts. It'll be good.

(Side note - they hadn't realized that a hood is somewhat optional. They still don't really believe that they don't need one. Maybe they'll believe once I show pictoral proof? And they didn't believe that cheating is rampant, either. Such cute little LeMons virgins!)

I shouldn't make too much fun, though. The team has serious race experience in the Porsche Club of America. The team leader actually ran the recent PCA autocross skills class. Yikes!

I heart new friends.

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