Monday, March 14, 2011

The unsexy side of LeMons

In a perfect world, LeMons should be about going fast in crapheaps or going fast-ish (sometimes) in stoopid silly crazy macheens while we all avoid penalties, wrench madly and have a good laugh. Unfortunately, the world isn't perfect. That's not all LeMons is about.

So what else is LeMons about? Ridiculous amounts of tools and the space needed to store them. Spare parts that come out of our ears. Our crapheap did have a home for all the tools and belts and clutch cables and CV axles; we appropriated a teammate's garage. It had become LeMons HQ... and the HQ was in chaos. 10 mm socket? Can't find that! Oh yeah, it's only the most used socket on our rusty crusty Neon, but that didn't seem to matter. Specialized part for the sister Jetta? ATS knew he had it... somewhere. Old oil? Oh yes, we had that in abundance!

Something needed to be done. Something not sexy. Something practical.

A garage re-org. We documented our effort, and we are proud. Please see below!

All that crap was in piles along each wall. There was some organization... but not much.

Look! More shelves!

He's still so proud.

TetanusRacing HQ

The owners stand proud.

Even the lightbar has a home.

It took us a good hard two days of work, but we got results. Our race prep will go more smoothly, ATS actually knows what parts he has on hand for the Jetta, and everything looks so much prettier. It might be unsexy LeMons, but it's still all good.

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Anonymous said...

Come on now, the "before" isn't bad at all. I can even see large patches of floor! Mine is so bad that I have to move lots of stuff into the driveway before I can even start work.