Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seven hours in

I finished my first stint about an hour ago. Tetanus Neon is running strong but Circuit Grand Bayou is tough on tires.

During my first genuine 24-hour race in Lemons (Nelson Ledges, October 2009), I had a tough time with night racing but I'm doing better this time around. Andy seems to be a night-driving natural and got some great laps in, and Joe as always is smooth and quick. He did get a black flag for going off track in an evasive maneuver but no harm done. Mary is having to switch from contacts back to her glasses but she'll get back out there in a while.

Sadly the Jetta had to park for a bit due to some spinouts but they'll be back on track shortly.

The field was about 47 cars but several are already out with mechanical maladies so just by plugging along we are solidly in the top half so far. Here's hoping for more laps and no more drama!

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