Friday, September 10, 2010

Yee-Haw It's Lemons Texas: 2010 edition

OK, we've been remiss in updating things here-- full Louisiana recap and pictures will have to be added as a retrospective. Short version is that the clutch cable broke, we had much adventure and ingenuity in repairing it, and we came in 22nd. (Out of 33 cars. Ouch.)

Now it's time for another rendition of Yee-Haw, It's Lemons Texas, the Lemons race at the track closest to home. Big complement of drivers this time: Mary, Chris, Andy, Mike, and rejoining us are Brian and Joe. Louisiana didn't scare them off, apparently.

We went through tech inspection today. Mostly good, but as always the Powers That Be found something to ask us to fix-- relocation of a seat belt mounting point was the bugaboo this time. While awaiting our turn we were entertained by watching organizer Jay Lamm swinging at a pinata brought along by the luchadore-themed team TiredBird Racing and Mike even got a picture.

It has been painfully warm & humid so we'll be going through a ton of water and sports drinks tomorrow. We'll try to get a few posts up here as time and energy permit, plus watch for posts on Twitter from Mike (@quackmak) now and again.

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