Monday, September 8, 2008

Impatience is the Aunt of Invention

We've all heard that Necessity is the mother of Invention, but I'd say Impatience qualifies as an aunt at the very least. These photos are from my cell-phone, which is why they're so grainy (and some are very old to boot), but I felt the peculiar tactics used one day needed to be documented.

You see, Neons don't seem to have a tow hook in the back, so we'll have to add one to Lockjaw. When we needed to pull the car out of the junkyard (the second time), of course we weren't in a mood to hang around waiting while someone carefully installed a tow hook from scratch, so Impatience dropped in and pretty soon Invention came calling too. So for your own tow-hook related emergencies, we will share our wisdom in three words: rear seat belts. Only useful provided you won't be using the vehicle as a full passenger vehicle again, obviously.

As long as I'm posting grainy pics, here's a shot from Saturday evening. The Neon's look changes from "Hi!" to "WHAT?!!" without those friendly headlights, doesn't it? We actually had a very productive Saturday, there wasn't even any beer until the work was done.
  • Duy and I pulled the fenders so I could hammer out the dents a little bit.
  • We also later removed more of the remaining dashboard.
  • Duy and Andy installed a battery relocation box so the battery wouldn't just be rattling around underhood.
  • Andy also bypassed the heater core and gave the cooling system several flushes with his garden hose trying to get a decade of ick out of there.

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